Board of Directors

Sharonda Amamilo 

Board Vice President, Sharonda is a senior defense attorney with Thurston County Public Defense and serves in the U.S. Army Reserves. She is a champion for social justice and was recently announced a winner of the YWCA of Olympia's Womxn of Achievement Award. As the Supervising Senior Defense attorney for the Juvenile and Dependency Division of the Thurston County Public Defense Office, she has pushed for the inclusion of restorative justice principles within the Thurston County Juvenile Justice System and as a result recidivism rates are down.


Diane Tilstra

Former Board President and Advancement Chair, Development consultant Diane is a "re-fired" community volunteer and activist with a strong fundraising background. In her early career, she started an advocacy non-profit for victims of sexual assault in Eastern Washington. She is dedicated to supporting Washington Trafficking Prevention to fund capacity and programs by giving her time and contributions to eradicate the suffering caused by human trafficking. 


Kerri Pedrick

Kerri was the previous Executive Director of Washington Trafficking Prevention but now serves Communities in Schools of Lakewood as their Executive Director. She holds a Master of Science degree in Social Work and Social Enterprise Administration from Columbia University and has served various leadership roles in community-based non-profits in Pierce County. 


Rose Gundersen

Rose currently serves as WTP's Board Secretary.  While a student at Concord Law, Rose's passion for justice grew during her two-year Human Trafficking Policy Research internship at the Washington State Attorney's General's Office.  After graduation, Rose's commitment to ending human trafficking was further demonstrated when she co-founded Washington Trafficking Prevention in 2010 (at the time named Washington Engage).  She has been a leader in Washington, and helped build social and legal frameworks to prevent and deter exploitation through legislation and policy.

Today, Rose not only serves on WTP's board of directors, but is a coalition leader at Thurston County Coalition Against Trafficking.  Her continued leadership inspires the involvement of community members.  She still works to ensure enforcement of Washington State's strong human trafficking laws and to promote a spectrum of public health measures that address the root causes of sex trafficking.


Linsey Rubenstein

Linsey has 20 years of expertise in operations and technology at companies such as Boeing, Amazon, and NASA. In her last corporate role, Linsey was Vice President of IT Business & Supply Chain Systems at the Boeing Company. She has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MBA and a Master's degree in Engineering systems from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


Marissa Perez

Marissa (Oglala Lakota) has been involved in sexual assault and anti-trafficking awareness, prevention, and advocacy for over five years. While serving as a certified Sexual Assault Response and Prevention victim advocate in the US Army, she saw firsthand the devastation this type of violence has on women and their communities. She was first made aware of the problem of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Indian Country while attending the Department of Justice Office of Victims of Crime Human Trafficking Grantee Meeting in Washington, D.C. This led her to continue to find ways to work in the anti-trafficking community, volunteering with Seattle Against Slavery and working with Innovations HTC. In 2017, she founded the Yarrow Project, a program designed to assist Native victims of sexual exploitation in accessing Native cultural and spiritual healing practices. She is the coordinator of the Cedar Rising Coalition, a coalition of Native-led organizations in King County dedicated to ending all forms of gender-based violence in Native communities. Marissa is often asked to speak in the fields of human trafficking, sexual assault, and inter-generational trauma, and volunteers with the Seattle Indian Health Board’s Youth Program. 

She is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University and continues to serve as a Logistics Officer in the U.S. Army Reserves. Sage, her two-year-old Aussie-Hound mix, is a therapy dog in training and accompanies Marissa whenever she can, bringing her special brand of love to meetings, talks, conferences, and classes. She currently lives in Burien, Washington, and is a proud daughter, sister, and auntie.


Ray Arment

In 2012, Ray joined WTP to apply his professional and academic knowledge to prevent human trafficking in Washington State.  Colonel Arment served in the U.S. Army for almost 29 years.  During his time of military service, Ray held several senior command positions with a specialization in intelligence.  After retiring from the Army, Ray began a new journey in his life of service - Eatonville's Superintendent.

Ray was one of twelve non-traditional public school superintendents serving in the United States.  His military structure served Eatonville well, and he was able to increase the rate of graduation to 90% during his tenure.  Without question, this was accomplished because his leadership lead to a $34.4 million capital improvement bond passing for the first time in 29 years.  Ray helped foster community relations, school safety, and academic achievement during his service.