Board of Directors


Diane Tilstra

Board President and Advancement Chair, Development consultant Diane is a "re-fired" community volunteer and activist with a strong fundraising background. In her early career, she started an advocacy non-profit for victims of sexual assault in Eastern Washington. She is dedicated to supporting Washington Trafficking Prevention to fund capacity and programs by giving her time and contributions to eradicate the suffering caused by human trafficking.



Sharonda Amamilo 

Board Vice President



Rose Gunderson

Secretary and Policy Chair, Rose is the Co-Founder of Washington Engage (now Washington Trafficking Prevention). After completing her Executive J.D. Degree at Concord Law in 2010, Rose co-founded Washington Engage. This was a result of the policy insight and passion for justice she developed from her two-year Human Trafficking Policy Research at the Washington State Attorney General's Office during law school. Together with the community Coalitions Against Trafficking, Rose has successfully built social and legal frameworks at the local and state levels to prevent human trafficking. Rose works to ensure enforcement of Washington State's strong human trafficking laws and to promote a spectrum of public health measures that address the root causes of sex trafficking.



Charlie Sheffer 

Charlie is a Production Engineering manager at the Boeing Company. He coached fencing at Salle Auriol Seattle where he was the director of junior programs for 20 years. He also owns and operates a small manufacturing business. He lives in Redmond with his wife Heather and their two Alaskan Malamutes. 



Linsey Rubenstein

Linsey has 20 years of expertise in operations and technology at companies such as Boeing, Amazon, and NASA. In her last corporate role, Linsey was Vice President of IT Business & Supply Chain Systems at the Boeing Company. She has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MBA and a Master's degree in Engineering systems from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 



COL Ray Arment

Fundraising Chair, Ray entered the Army as a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University Reserve Officer Training Corps program in 1970. He served as one of the Army's first Equal Opportunity Officers. His extensive operational experience includes armor, infantry, and mechanized infantry leadership and staff positions, from platoon through division level, in Germany and the United States. He served as the senior intelligence staff officer at brigade, division, theater army and national level. While based in the Republic of Panama, he was the Senior Army Intelligence Officer for Central and South America. Immediately before becoming the Superintendent of Eatonville Community Schools in 1998, he was responsible for all national military intelligence for the Balkans for the Joint Cheif's of Staff. The Eatonville School Board of Directors installed Mr. Arment as Superintendent of Eatonville School District in July 1998. At his 2010 retirement he was the longest serving superintendent in his original district in Peirce County, Washington. During his superintendence, the community passed three local tax levies totaling $34.2 million. In 2006, the community voters also passed, by nearly a 70% "yes" vote a $34.4 million capital improvement bond approved in over 29 years. All facility renovations were completed under schedule and $6 million dollars under budget. As a result of focused curriculum revision and raising academic standards the high school graduation rate improved from 56% in 1998 to 90% in 2010. During Superintendent Arment's tenure the district has seen community relations, school safety, academic achievement as well as the high school graduation rate markedly increase. 



Cam Nguyen 

Cam is the controller at Diamond Technology Innovations, Inc; the leader in the manufacturing water-jet nozzles. She moved to the US 10 years ago to pursue a better education and career. She has a BS in accounting and business management and MBA from Saint Martin University. In her free time, she loves watching football and hiking. 



Dr. Carolyn West

Carolyn is an award-winning author and Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington in Tacoma where she teaches courses on Family Violence, Human Sexuality, and Sex Crimes and Sexual Violence. She was awarded the University of Washington's 2013 Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2016 Distinguished Research Award. A gifted public speaker, she writes, trains, consults, and lectures internationally on intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Dr. West is devoted to creating inspirational material to empower domestic violence/sexual assault survivors during their healing journey, delivering keynote addresses, conducting workshops, and customizing innovative training material to educate and equip professionals with the skills to provide culturally sensitive services. 



Pam Duncan

Pam is currently a manager with the Human Services Division, City of Tacoma. She previously held positions with the United Way of Pierce County and Evergreen State College. Pam is a seasoned and trusted professional, teacher, and facilitator who knows how to bring people together around a vision and motivate to action. She has a passion for influencing sustainable change in the trajectory of the disenfranchised and marginally engaged communities She imagines the impossible, believes it can happen, and then she does it. She connects, convenes, inspires.




Advisory Board

Tanya Jernigan: CFO and founder of Diamond Technologies, Inc.; founder of the Jernigan Foundation

Ambassador Mark Lagon: U.S. Ambassador at Large to Combat Trafficking in Persons; Chair of Foreign Service Masters Program at Georgetown University, Council on Foreign Relations

Lorna Rufener: Retired Captain - Kent Police Department

Julie Watts, MSW: Lecturer, University of Washington School of Social Work

Cynthia Wolfe, MD: Olympia Emergency Room and Family Medicine Physician