What do CATs Do?

The goal of each CAT is to be a unique group of community members who engage the issue of trafficking locally. CATs partner with WTP for community events and fundraising, and the funds they raise go to supporting the trainings of communities and youth-serving professionals. Some examples of activities that CATS have done include:

  • Annual 5K Race Against Trafficking
  • Community Conversations engaging specific groups
  • Advocating at local school board meetings

CATS act as the arms of WTP to reach communities outside of our immediate area. We believe in preventing trafficking across Washington state, and by having a network of CATs we can hopefully see that vision come to pass!

How do they interact with WTP?

Washington Trafficking Prevention offers training and support so that a CAT is:

  • Equipped with strategic plans and measurable goals
  • Resourced with programs and information about WTP and human trafficking
  • Empowered by collaborative action plans to prevent trafficking
  • Supported by WTP's structure by attending CAT meetings and open communication