trafficking.Washington Engage was co-founded by Rose Gundersen and Deana Berg. Combining their legal education, business and non-profit experience, they organized three Anti-Trafficking Engagement days to support the development and passage of anti-human trafficking bills into law. From 2010-12, their work resulted in 20 bills passed into law to protect victims and punish perpetrators. Before these laws were passed, prostituted children were victimized by traffickers and by laws which called them criminals because their rape included the exchange of money. In 2012, Washington State’s human trafficking laws were ranked the highest of all 50 states and received a perfect score rating in 2013 from Polaris Project. Top rated laws and increasing awareness are just the beginning - that is why in 2013 we launched the Coalition Against Trafficking Initiative to move awareness into coordinated action. We now focus on preventing human trafficking through equipping the vulnerable and engaging communities.

In 2018 Washington Engage changed its name to Washington Trafficking Prevention.