Prevention Education


WTP's program staff partner with schools and youth-serving agencies to effectively implement prevention education. Our programming challenges the root causes of exploitation; and works to change the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that contribute to the demand for and growth of this criminal industry.

We offer programs with the following focuses:

TRAIN STAFF AND EDUCATORS to recognize warning signs and know how to respond

HOST FAMILY/PARENT EVENTS at each school or agency to raise awareness and show a preview of program materials

EMPOWER YOUTH to take on prevention in their own lives through a deeper understanding of how exploitation happens

SUPPORT STUDENT LEADERS in creating and implementing a youth-led project or event with their peers to raise awareness about this issue

Youth Programming

We educate youth through age-appropriate, discussion-based programming. Our programs for middle school-aged youth cover concepts such as self-esteem, empathy, healthy relationships, and building connections. For high school-aged youth, we discuss topics related to gender stereotypes, media messages, and taking action again exploitation.


"I so appreciate the partnership we have with the WA Trafficking Prevention program here at our middle school. The presenters come in and educate and engage the students. The focus is on accepting and including others as a way to prevent problems (such as trafficking). My older students are even asking for more information about the issue of trafficking, specifically." - Health Educator, Thurston County

"“I liked learning how I could help. Now I feel confident in helping people in the world.” - 6th Grade Student

“I learned that there are lots of ways to help someone through a hard time.” - 7th Grade Student



For further information on WTP's programs, or to request training at your school or youth-serving organization, please contact our Program Director, Brenna Doyle at:


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