Community & Professional Training

Washington Trafficking Prevention (WTP) trains professionals and community members to gain a deeper understanding of what human trafficking is, identify the signs of trafficking, undertake a practical response in their setting or community, and identify community resources for safety and referrals.

We currently offer the following training opportunities for community members and professionals:


You will learn the basics about what human trafficking is, how to recognize potential trafficking, and how to respond in your own community.

This training is for anyone who wants to learn more about human trafficking here in Washington State, including community members, organizations, parents and families.

Duration: 90 minutes, but can also be adapted from a formal training to a shorter presentation


You will leave this training with an understanding of what human trafficking is, risk factors facing youth, the impacts of exploitation, and the unique role you play in responding to potential victims of trafficking in your setting.

This training is meant for educators and youth-serving professionals, both within school settings and out in the community.

Duration: between two and three hours


Are you looking to take the next step in preventing human trafficking of youth in your community? This train-the-trainer style session will equip you with the tools you need to empower youth to "take on" the issue of trafficking prevention. You will be trained using a trauma-informed prevention curriculum (one version for middle school students and one for high school students) and will leave the training certified to teach this curriculum to the youth you serve. Learn more about the Take On program.

This training is for any educator or youth-serving professional working with middle school and/or high school students. These programs are designed to fit into existing curriculum and programming.

Duration: between six and eight hours (can be led over multiple days/weeks or all in one day)
To participate in this training, you must first have participated in a session of "Educators Responding to the Commercial Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking of Youth"


Although our work is focused primarily on training facilitators to work with the youth they serve, we do provide direct youth education through our "Take On" program in certain situations. For example: an organization that offers summer programming with staff that changes each year.

If you are interested in bringing a WTP trainer to work with youth in your program, contact us!

For further information on any of the these trainings or to request a presentation, please contact our Program Director, Brenna Doyle at