About "Take On" Program Facilitation Training



A Facilitator Training for Professionals Working with Youth

Washington Engage’s Take On Program provides a highly interactive, 5-hour experience for youth to explore sexual exploitation, gender violence and the objectification of women. This engaging program challenges them to “take on” their city and become an ally in the fight against sex trafficking.

First implemented in the Thurston County Juvenile Detention Center, the Take On Program was enthusiastically received by detention and probation youth. More importantly, it enabled several girls to self-identify as victims and seek assistance to escape exploitation.

Washington Engage is offering to train individuals working with at-risk youth to implement the Take On Program in their organization. 


Nov 4 Training Logistics

The location will be Bates Technical College, South Campus: 2201 S. 78th St; Tacoma, WA 98409. Directions and campus map can be found here.

There will be a 1-hour lunch break. The Tacoma Mall, just 2.8 miles from the venue, has multiple fast food options available.

Register for upcoming training here. 


Here's what others are saying about the Take On Program:

From Jessica Anderson, Program Director, Thurston County Juvenile Detention Center

…Thus far, we have had two 5 hour sessions with our youth. Some were incarcerated at the time of the class while others were simply under supervision receiving community service hours to attend. The feedback has been positively amazing. The…youth seemed to gain a broader awareness of the factors that contribute to exploitation. This program addresses so many points regarding trafficking that there were no questions unanswered. The curriculum had the precise amount of education coupled with activities that made it entertaining.

The opportunity to partner with WA Engage has been powerful on many levels and their education program will become a staple at our court.  We will continue to deliver this program to our youth in all stages of supervision.

From Ruth Hill, Education Director, Washington Engage

The Take On Program is a powerful experience! Post-assessment data and personal responses indicate that it changes perspectives and will inform future behaviors regarding human trafficking and its underlying causes. We encourage you to add it to your organization’s programs! Empower youth to “take on” their city by becoming an ally in the fight against sex trafficking!

Responses from youth who participated in the Take On Program:

I will help end human trafficking by:

  • "standing up against trafficking and make it stop.
  • "stepping in if I know someone is being trafficked."
  • "making a stand and not support it."
  • "telling people it's not okay and others that do this can get up to life in prison."
  • "do my best to educate and warn people."
  • "being an ally whenever I can."