Teaching Materials

Our organization currently uses two supplemental resources with youth:

Middle School Students: Empower Youth Program (EPY)

Empower Youth Program, by iEmpathize, is a tool that facilitates prevention-focused conversations with youth about exploitation and empathy to empower them with protective strategies. It helps them to safely navigate the factors in their lives that could otherwise make them vulnerable to exploitation. EPY’s unique emphasis on empathy distinguishes it as both an exploitation prevention tool and a character education program.

  • Media content successfully engages teens by featuring only youth – not adults – who speak from their experiences of learning to navigate vulnerability.
  • The program can be integrated into existing curricula or existing initiatives.
  • The resource is grounded in the directive teaching approach whereby the facilitator guides adolescents to draw their own conclusions.
  • It aligns with Health Education standards and Common Core Career Readiness standards.

High School Students: Take On: Empowering Young People to End Sexual Exploitation

"Take On" is a program adapted from Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation's (CAASE) curriculum. Its objective is to empower young people to end sexual exploitation through conversations exposing the cultural influences on what it means to be male/female, the objectification of women, the harms of prostitution/human trafficking, and to enlist them as allies to end sexual exploitation.

  • Facilitators guide the conversation toward critical thinking on healthy relationships, violence prevention and both social and personal responsibility.
  • "Take On" aligns with many Common Core State Standards for English and Language Arts.

For further information on WTP's Youth Education Program, or to request training at your school or community center, please contact training@traffickingprevention.org.