Meet Our Team

WTP 2019 Staff Photo[Left to Right: Brenna Doyle, Kyra Doubek, Audrey Widner, Tiffany McBride, and Isiah Cocroft]

WTP Staff

WTP Staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and interests!  What makes our team so special is the ability to bring a variety of ideas, solutions, and voices to the table to create holistic strategies to prevent human trafficking in Washington State. 


Kyra Headshot

Kyra Doubek, Executive Director


Kyra has over a decade of nonprofit leadership and advocacy experience in Washington, championing the movement to end exploitation and increase services for human trafficking survivors. Throughout Kyra's career she has led crucial anti-human trafficking initiatives with the Port of Seattle, Attorney's General Office, and various state and local task forces.

She built instrumental relationships with federal and local law enforcement, developing protocols and partnerships to increase unity and  enforcement across sectors. Kyra has served on the board of Renton Youth Advocacy Center and the Organization for Prostitution Survivors. A survivor herself, Kyra experienced firsthand the  commercial sex landscape in Washington. After exiting "the life" Kyra joined the movement to end commercial sexual exploitation. 


Brenna Doyle, Program Director


Brenna creates, manages and implements all of our programming needs at WTP.  She has developed WTP's newest offering "Youth Empathy Programming" which was developed using the newest data and best practices in our field.  During her time here she has helped to build strong relationships with our partner, Seattle Against Slavery to begin offering Trafficking Prevention for Schools.

Since beginning with WTP in May 2019, Brenna has been instrumental in developing sustainable, meaningful, results-driven, and effective trainings and programming.  She has a strong commitment to social justice and brings a strong background in program coordination, project management, and advocacy.

She is a graduate of Simmons University, and holds a Masters of Arts in Gender Cultural Studies as well as a Masters of Science in Nonprofit Management.

Tiffany McBride

Tiffany McBride, Administrative Assistant


[bio to come]


Audrey Widner, Resource Development Coordinator-AmeriCorps VISTA 


Audrey serves Washington Trafficking Prevention as the 2019-2020 Resource Development AmeriCorps Vista member. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Rhetoric from the University of Central Florida. She has a background in digital communications and student organizing with a passion for social and political change.


Isiah Cocroft, Youth Engagement Coordinator-AmeriCorps VISTA


Isiah serves Washington Trafficking Prevention as the Youth Engagement Coordinator AmeriCorps Vista. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies with a minor in Psychology from Whitman College. Isiah is dedicated to strengthening social and political systems for all community members, particularly disenfranchised or marginalized communities. He has a background in trauma informed care as well as the commercial sex trade and hopes to continue onto becoming a social worker after his year of service.